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September 28, 2020

About Puredeal Group

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We believe that by understanding our clients’ core brands we can ensure that your event, conference, launch or concert can be transformed from just being another event to a magical and memorable experience to be talked about for decades. All These can be archived through..
• Establishing technical requirements based on theme and budget.
• Manage all technical aspects, design, sound, lighting, staging
• DJ and Artist Hire/ Management
• Record and Edit of events
• Manage supplier contracts
• Manage supplier payments and delivery
• Calculation of the cost of production and safety margins
• Customisation of the event according to brand personality, budgets etc.
• Execution of the event according to the final concept
Additional Events Supporting Logistics
At Puredeal Group, we are totally committed to bringing the best out of every event. One of our subs specialises in event logistics to make sure each event runs smoothly.
•Crew/Technician Hire- Freelancers
•Event Designers
•Event Project Management
•Artist & DJ hire
•Events Promoters-Runners/Models
•Transport hire to and from venue

“We do it with Passion”